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In 2017, I had a wedding to go to and nothing to wear (obviously). I had the image of exactly what dress I wanted in my mind but just couldn’t find the right one in store - they were either the wrong shade of yellow or just didn’t fit me right... So, I decided to make my own dress. 

Although I only knew the basics of how to use a sewing machine, I knew that that was all I really needed; the basics and an idea. So I found a beautiful yellow peach skin fabric, and then draped, tucked and pulled until it all fell just the way I wanted it to. As a final detail, I hand-beaded the straps with some pearl beads. When it was done I remember saying; “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT WORKED,” over and over again, until my family told me to rather tell people that it had worked out exactly the way I had wanted it to.

Although I have more experience behind me now, I’ll never forget how great it felt to make something completely from scratch, that fit me just right.

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