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October 2021 | ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem


Much of the working method of the world relies on efficiency and effectiveness. That’s why we value early-risers, multi-taskers, long hours and mass production. It is for the same reason we undervalue the laborious and slow effort of a hand-woven tapestry or a hand-stitched embroidery. 

Coupled with this conscientious and measured movement of domestic craft, comes the invisible body that performs these tasks.


In this performance I highlight the conflict present in the visible-invisible binary pertaining to the female body. While the domestic, female crafter is left invisible at home, and the half-naked woman is visibly paraded on a billboard both of these bodies continue remain powerless. This has lead me to understand that a woman’s power is not in whether she is visible or invisible, but rather in her choice to be either.

On Sight seeks to bring the usually invisible crafter’s body into conversation with the half-dressed, visible body by performing the process of domestic craft in the public space.

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