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September 2014 | Wits Theatre

The play grapples with three issues; love, dreams and murder. 

Rebecca is a young woman in love with Willie, who is on the verge of realising his dream of becoming a black intellectual by graduating with a BA degree. When he is about to finish his degree, he realises that all the benefits that were supposed to accrue to him were just a pipe dream. He loses his mind and his love for Rebecca. He despairs of life, questions the existence of God and the notion that education could be as important as the pursuit of freedom. 


Set in the 1950s the set drew from artworks by Sam Nhlengethwa, Gerard Sekoto and Jürgen Schadeberg inspiring a Sophiatown look and feel. Set in the back garden of a house we find the two shacks in which the action of the piece takes place in and around.

directed: Samuel Ravengai

written: Athol Fugard

set: Andrea van der Kuil

costume: Sizi Keke

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