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October 2019 | Wits University

Girls and Gals is an inter-disciplinary production that goes down the rabbit hole of the development of Her from the perspective of the ‘gals’ and girls. Using physical theatre and story telling the four performers take us on a trip that not only explores puberty through the various lenses of society but also through the memories and stories of those who came before. Weaving myth, folklore and social cues the performers paint a picture of all the girls, ladies, gals, womxn.


Girls and Gals is the unravelling of a late night DMC (Deep Meaningful Conversation) that pulls the audience through a rolodex of emotions and experiences. Questions are posed and others are answered. Who holds our stories? Where do we learn about menstruation? Who owns our bodies? What is love? All these are dissected in this vibrant production that has as much heart as humour.

directed: Cherae Halley

written and devised: director and cast

set: Andrea van der Kuil

costumes & props: Andrea van der Kuil

starring: Francesca Matthys, Pertunia Msani, Stella Dlangalala, Diana Penman

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