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June 2021 | ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem

Come and see my work.

Come and watch my work.

Come and watch me work.

Come and watch me and my work.

Come and watch me: my work.


Crafting Bodies is a long-form installation that reveals the relationship between the crafter and her craft, a person and medium often left unnamed and undervalued. It questions how these two bodies influence, interact, interlink and sometimes even stand for and in place of one another. Craft, including embroidery, weaving and knitting, is often regarded as women’s work, and is devalued when it is different from men’s work, but also when it is not. This piece seeks to uncover the inherent value in the female crafter and her body of work by illustrating the intentionality, care and lengthy labour essential to craft.


Welcome to my studio.

Feel free to look around and interact.

I encourage you to revisit this work throughout the day to experience the developments of these bodies.

Thank you for joining me, and I hope you enjoy.

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